Where to bet on soccer

Carlos Tevez of Manchester City and Rio Ferdinand of Manchester UnitedSoccer is the most popular sport in the world and the beautiful game is unsurprisingly very popular amongst betters as well. The cool thing about betting on soccer is that you’re (usually) not restricted to one league. If you’re betting on football for example, you “only” have NFL games to bet on.

With soccer you can pick games from just about every country and league, including cup games, relegation and promotion games, big club tournaments (Champions League, Europa League, etc.) and international fixtures like qualifiers and big tournaments like the World Cup and the European Championships.

The leading sports books will let you make straight up Money line wagers, point spread wagers and over/under bets. The key here of course, just like when betting on any sport or event, is to pick your spots and keep a close eye on the trends and relevant stats.

What makes betting on soccer really fun however is being able to parlay games from different leagues. You could easily take the over in the Manchester United game; parlay that with Real Madrid straight up and throw in a spread wager on AC Milan.

Are you an avid follower of less “mainstream” competitions like the ones in Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Scotland or Russia for example? Are you fan of Brazilian or Argentinian soccer? Well, no worries. Most of the reputable sports books will have you covered there as well.

Another fun angle of betting on soccer are the live bets and the prop bets. You may be pretty certain that Barcelona will win their next match, but how many goals will Messi score? Will he have an assist? Will he score in the first half? Will he end with a hat trick? These are all intriguing prop bets that can be made on soccer games.

If you’re looking for the best places to bet on soccer, start by looking at what they offer. Are (most of) the professional leagues available? Can you bet on cup games, international fixtures and mix bets across different leagues? Can you make prop, future and live bets along with the traditional wagers?

Soccer is the most played and most watched sport on earth, so sports books are always looking to one up each other and to take advantage of this market. The big name players often offer similar betting structures, so you’ll have to look at the big picture to set them apart.

Try looking at the available payment options, the withdrawal policies, the customer service possibilities, the betting lines and the promotions that may be offered. The popular sports books often have soccer related promotions that can center on deposit bonuses or prizes that can be won. These are the extra perks that can make betting on soccer even more fun and (more importantly) profitable.

If you need some help finding the best places to bet on soccer, look no further than the sports books that we reviewed here for you on Wheretobet.com. These include SBOBET and Bet365, two of the best places where you can bet on soccer.