Where to bet on NCAA basketball

College hoops is a bettor’s dream, or nightmare depending how you look at it, and that has mainly to do with all of the possible scenarios when betting on NCAA basketball.

ncaabaskBetting on college basketball is the same as betting on the NBA. Most bets are made against the spread, where you get regular $11-to-win-$10 odds. You can always make an “easier” Money Line bet and pick a winner straight up, but that means getting a smaller payout if you are playing favorites.

Besides spread and Money Line bets, there’s always a lot of action on game totals (over/under) as well. These are usually parlayed with the spreads and teased up or down by gamblers who are looking to find the best lines and combinations.

And while there’s plenty of action to be found during the regular season, things really get intense come tournament time.  College basketball is known for its fantastically entertaining post-season tournament and this excitement carries over to the betting world as well.

Just about everyone fills in a ‘March Madness’ tournament bracket, trying to predict the correct Final Four teams and the eventual winner. Not only is this fun, but it can also be very profitable if you happen to be in a pool or have money riding on the results.

Many gambling sites take NCAA March Madness bets, allowing you to make single game wagers, but also tournament bets where you pick the overall winner or the correct Final Four teams. Some sites even offer pools where you can win 7-figure payouts if you happen to correctly predict every game of the tournament.

March madness is known for Cinderella teams and big upsets, so don’t expect to win big if you’re only picking favorites. Picking the best four teams to make it to the Final Four is not a can’t miss strategy either, so you’ll have to do your research and be prepared to pick some dogs along the way.

Research is the key when betting NCAA basketball, especially come tournament time, as you’ll have to research the many teams (64) that are participating in the dance.  And not only do you have to do your homework on the smaller, less known schools that are participating, but you’ll also have to find the best place to bet on college hoops.

We’ve listed and ranked some of the best gambling sites for NCAA basketball for you, in the hopes of making your search a lot easier. The sites you see here are the best when it comes to March Madness betting, offering great lines, various betting options and most importantly, a safe, secure and professional betting environment.

If you’re looking for the best sites where you can bet on NCAA basketball, there are no better places to start.