Where to bet on baseball

where to bet on baseballThe Major League Baseball (MLB) season is a long and grueling one, with every team playing 162 games, excluding the play-offs. This marathon regular season makes baseball great for gambling, as you can really pick and choose your spots.

Baseball bets are often made straight up (on the moneyline) and depending on the starting pitchers. If the Yankees are sending out a Cy Young hopeful and the Twins are giving the ball to an unknown journeyman, you can bet that the Yankees are going to be big favorites.

The new trend however is to find “dime lines” for baseball wagers. If you’re looking for a place to seriously bet on MLB action, you’ll have to find a room that offers dime lines. With a dime line, the favorite will sit at -120, while the dog gets +110. This is great value, especially if you like to play favorites.

Besides moneyline bets, run line bets (spread) and over/under bets are also popular when wagering on baseball games.

A typical run line bet would look like ‘Altanta -2,5’, which would mean that the Braves are the favorites and that they are expected to win by at least 3 runs. Over/under bets work the same way as with football bets, with you wagering on the combined number of runs scored by both teams.  Most sports books will also take action on the “first half” of the game, allowing you to pick a winner based on the first five innings.

Since baseball can be a bit “easer” to pick than other sports – pitching match-ups tend to be a good indicator – lines tend to be somewhat unfavorable if you’re playing favorites and not getting dime lines.

If you’re not into playing underdogs, you can get juicier payouts by making parlays. A five-team parlay can make a $50 bet and turn it into an $800 if every team comes through. Hit a couple of multi-team parlays and you’ll pad your account very nicely.

If you’re betting at a quality sports book, you can probably wager on a number of good future bets as well, including division winners, pennant winners and World Series winner.  Sometimes you can also find some terrific sleepers within the Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, MVP, and Coach of The Year future bets.

Experienced bettors will know where to find good baseball lines, but this tends to be more difficult if you are a novice. That’s why we’ve ranked the best online sportsbooks for baseball betting.

These quality sportsbooks offer the best lines, terrific customer service and the best value for your betting dollar. You really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a good place to bet.

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