What is 3 card poker?

3 card poker also known as tricard poker is a poker game.

It is a simple game to learn. In fact, three card poker is actually two seperate games in one.

three-card-poker-pgThese two games “Pair Plus” and “Ante” can be played seperately also. In the Pair Plus game, you are simply betting that your three cards will have a winning combination, regardless of what the dealer has. In the Ante game, you are betting that your hand will beat the Dealer’s.

Three Card Poker Strategy

Players can wager on two different things each hand. The first wager is placed in the Ante circle on the table. Cards are dealt. Now, players are given the chance to either fold, or “raise the bet” by placing an additional bet in the play circle.

It is a form of Stud Poker that gives the opportunity to bet three ways and four ways to win a hand. A player can play against the dealer or just bet his own hand.

Upto a certain limit you need to rely on luck to help you win. If playing at an online casino, the cards are generated by a random number generator so then even if you believe in card counting or some such idea it is not relevant. The way the cards fall is totally random. At land based casinos, the cards are shuffled regularly and there is no chance of cards being changed or tampered with.

A conservative bet would be for example $1 on the pair Plus and $2 on the Ante/ Play bet. A more aggressive bet would be to equal the bets or make more of a difference between the Pair Plus and the Ante/play bet.

It is recommended to practice the game before you try and play it. Read up about the game and the casino you are playing at before you embark on a game.

Divide up the amount according to the number of games you are intending to play and the bets you want to place. Once you have decided on this plan of action, stick to it.