What Are The Odds With Craps Odds?

crapsYou might have remembered a day in your life when you were playing snakes and ladders with dice on your hands. This was the time when you were still a kid so eager for your turn to toss the dice. Even before, playing dice is not only a child’s game. People of all ages enjoy rolling the dice, comparing outcomes, and sometimes betting over which one gets the higher number.

Today the most popular game of dice is called craps. Craps might sound weird or intimidating for a game. Nevertheless, as weird as it may sound many people become wildly rich because of it. You should also keep in mind that craps is a game of luck and patience. The more you wait for a lucky number to pop the more you become eager to win.

Craps is among the most popular casino games around. If you pass by a craps table in the casino, you would most probably place your bet on it. The table may perhaps look so complicated to any casino newbie. However, the game is not that complex as its intimidating table. Craps is a simple game wherein everyone except the house can win altogether. With the great winning probability you can get from craps, you can surely be lured to roll that die. This game is so interesting because it presents the best odds in every casino. This means that many winnings can happen in one night from one wide table.

In playing craps, you have to be prepared to handle the tension. Each roll of dice from a shooter or player can mean an end to your precious cash. How simple can the game be played? Craps begins after everyone places their bets on the pass line (bets for the shooter) and they do not pass bar (bets against the shooter). After the bets are secured, the shooter then tosses his dice hard enough to hit the tables opposite wall. His first roll of dice is the “come-out” roll. If the shooter rolls either 7 or 11 then he wins along with those who bet on the pass line. If he rolls a 2, 3 or 12 then he rolled craps and you lose with him. If this happens those who bet on the do not pass bar wins if he rolls two or three. Twelve is the neutral roll so if the shooter gets this number no one wins.

As mentioned before, craps present many odds. The past line bet practically brings great odds. Most players only place their chips on the pass line because of the possibility of good odds. The odds bet can only be placed on the pass line after the shooter has established a point wherein he dices 4, 5,6,8,9 and 10. An additional bet on the point is called the odds bet. You win both your odds bet and the pass line bet if the shooter dices his point. However if the shooter rolls seven then you win neither the odds bet nor the pass line bet. An odds bet can pay true odds depending on the point of the shooter. If the point poses more odds in winning, then betting more money on the odds bet is much better than on the pass line. Removing, increasing, and decreasing your odd bets can be done at any time of the game.