Video Poker: A Revolutionary Game

Years ago, card games took ages to complete. There were bluffs, betting rounds, and rest periods in a game. Now, casino games are completed in a jiffy. Often, you play with a machine instead of a group of people. Video poker is one such lucrative game in this group. No poker tells and no intricate strategies – you play a fast but an enthralling game nevertheless.

Video poker is a quick game where you play with the best cards, abandon the worst cards, and try to win the prize money. If you play with a maximum credit, you could easily win a Jackpot. In other words, video poker is a money churner and an enticing game.

A Lucrative Game

As video poker has become immensely popular today, most casinos host machines that offer mind-boggling and thrilling gaming sessions. Machine-based games allows players to insert coins in all or any one of the slits. Within a few minutes, the game is over with the player either winning or losing the bet.

videopoker_lgApart from taking less time, video poker gives you enough options to rake money. For those who wish to enjoy gambling and also earn few bucks, video poker is a lucrative game to pursue. The games have wonderful animations to make your gaming session incredibly entertaining.

The value of cards is one of the important aspects of the rules of blackjack. Neophytes or first time players should try to remember this, especially if they want to try playing against other people. An ace has a value of either 1 or 11, which will be determined as the game progresses. Cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as they indicate while the 10 card, King, Queen, and Jack all have a value of 10. If your hand includes an Ace, this is called a soft hand precisely because you determine the value of Ace.

Winning Strategies

If you want make it real big in video poker, you need to be extremely alert and aggressive while playing the game. Most newbie players will shy from using maximum bet at the first instance. For example, if a machine has a five-coin slit, a newcomer would opt for one coin during the first game. However, you would not really win in the long run if you don’t go for maximum betting strategy.

Many video poker enthusiasts get so charged with its strategies and moves that they play the hands without giving enough time. Video poker is not based on time. This means that you are able to take your time in order to give enough thought to you particular strategy before completing your hand. Think twice before you make a dramatic step.

One of the most important winning strategies is to look for bonus rounds, Jackpots, and Progressive Jackpots. By going for such rounds, you may have to play numerous games, shell out money in extra games and bets, etc. If you are playing a “Jacks or Better” game, think twice before breaking a flush. Don’t break a flush to draw a flush. You can break a flush if you are trying to draw to a royal.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep a separate fund or bankroll just for video poker. A bankroll would ensure that you are less stressed and more focused in your gaming session. This would keep you poised in dry spells and down-to-earth during a winning spree.

Lucky Chances

Although winning strategies are a must in video poker, luck too plays a major role in bagging the prize money. If luck does not seem to favor you for a considerable amount of time, just leave the arena. Perhaps you have gone on “tilt” or are not alert enough to take the best strategies. A break can work wonders.

Similarly, if you are lucky while playing a particular machine that offers the best payouts, go for it. Try acquiring Jackpot sessions or Progressive Jackpots.

Moves to Avoid

When playing a game, you are likely to get emotional. Don’t let illogical and emotional thoughts get in your way. Avoid keeping a ten so that you can go for a four card draw. Dispose of a kicker when you have a high pair.

Innovative Game to Enjoy

Don’t worry if you are new to the game. Most online casinos offer practical suggestions and valuable tips on a particular hand, what to hold and what to throw away.