UFC Has Yet To Address TRT Issue As Countdown To UFC on FX Continues

11_ufx7_Bisping_Belfort_19.jpgThe UFC hasn’t yet addressed the issue of Vitor Belfort using Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and while his fight with Luke Rockhold in the main event of this weekend’s UFC on FX event will carry on regardless, there is reason for some serious sports betting concern. According the Belfort, there are a number of fighters that have been using TRT for some time now, and there is no doubt that it has had an effect on the sport. The idea of one fighter using TRT and then lining up against a fighter that hasn’t cannot be excused as fair, and it will be interesting to see which fighters are actually on the list of users if it can be released. There is no doubt that fighters do everything they can to try and get an advantage in a fight, but it will be interesting to see where the UFC draws the line. Rockhold has already threatened to crush Belfort in their main event fight anyway, and the war of words should continue right up until fight night.

There have already been a number of online sportsbook players that have stepped up and called out Belfort, but the truth is that it might not make much of a difference in this particular fight anyway. Rockhold is a massive, well-cut specimen that is in peak physical condition, and the truth is that while there have been no other indications that he has done anything to help enhance his physique, it also can’t be completely ruled out. Rockhold has talked a lot of trash and seems to be directing the attention away from the TRT issue, but that could be a mistake in the long run.

The negative press surrounding Belfort heading in to this fight is interesting only because he will be the hometown favorite in Brazil. Belfort finished off Michael Bisping in impressive fashion the last time that he was in the Octagon, and after going four rounds with UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones there is no doubt that he is in the conversation among the top contenders in his division right now. The former Strikeforce champion Rockhold will look to change that at the UFC on FX event, and he should have the upper hand in a couple of online betting areas.

Rockhold is the faster fighter of the two, and he is very quick inside the Octagon. That speed could be the difference in the fight, as even with the added strength that Belfort has built he could have a tough time keeping up. Rockhold is on a mission to prove that he belongs in the UFC and anything less than an online sports betting win over Belfort will be a huge disappointment. The issue of TRT has to be addressed sooner or later, but right not Rockhold is bent on addressing his potential with a dominant win. For all of the latest UFC news and betting odds for the UFC on FX and more, be sure to check out the best sports betting sites.