UFC Betting: Fight Night Pits Desperate Veterans against Each Other

Shogun-SonnenThe UFC will make its debut on Fox Sports 1 this weekend, and atop the main card at the Fight Night event will be a pair of hungry veterans desperate to prove that they deserve their spot among the sport’s elite. Can UFC moneyline favorite Chael Sonnen do a number on former light heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua?

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While the +110 underdog Rua hasn’t made any particular noise in the UFC circuit of late, he did temporarily hold the light heavyweight title in 2010. However, it’s Sonnen who holds the advantage in the sportsbook (with -140 UFC odds).

The difference on the moneyline is so slight though, that it’s not unreasonable to consider the two relative equals. Considering Sonnen was promptly disposed of in each of his past two fights (to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, respectively), he’s not exactly oozing momentum either. This begs the question then as to why the 36-year-old Sonnen is touted as the frontrunner this weekend.

Unlike some of its combatants’ previous matches, this fight will have no championship implications, but there’s no denying its significance for two fighters hopeful to retain their relevance.

And isn’t that the greatest prize of all?

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