Tips for playing Poker

Poker is definitely one of the widest played card game in every casino nowadays. For this reason, more and more card game fanatics have been trying to master what they call the art of playing poker. However, although this game is very challenging and can make you win or lose a huge amount of money, it s still very important to take some time reading on the best poker tips books and online sites can give you. Here is a rundown of the simplest, yet very practical tips you may use and take note of the next time you sit in that table and play that most controversial and exciting card game ever.

21_poker_tip_flashPoker player beginners make a very notable mistake when they play poker. They play every hand and they forget to do more folds. When you are just starting out and learning the rules of the game, that only goes to show that you want to learn and definitely play poker as it is. Playing more hands does not and will never guarantee you of winning more money. In fact, it just means that you can lose more. Do fold more. And learn the basics. You do not need a lot of hands right now, it doesn’t guarantee you of anything. T is also important to note that you should not play poker when you are drunk. Usually, when a person is under the influence, he or she makes decisions that he or she will not do otherwise. Remember that you are betting your hard-earned money here; therefore, it is very important not to make irrational decisions because decisions such as these can cause you to lose a huge amount of money. If you are in a casino, watch your alcohol intake. If you think you’re drank too much, stay away from playing poker. It is also important to note that while beginners understand that bluffing is part of the game, they do not exactly know how. Do not just bluff jut for the sake of bluffing. Do it for a reason and know that reason now. If you know that this player always calls to the showdown and bites into the excitement, bluffing works. However, there is really no definite rule as to bluffing. Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn’t. So the important thing to do now is to test the waters and know where to actually bluff and to which persons or players to do it. Otherwise, do not just bluff for its sake. After all, poker is not about bluffing; it is about winning.

Do not stay in one hand just because you have already chosen that hand. Always be alert. You cannot win a jackpot just by putting your money in it. You have to think. Don’t just settle for that particular had just because you have put a lot of your money in it. But if you are very certain that you are already beaten, do fold immediately. Always remember that the money you have just placed on a bet is not already yours. And you can never be guaranteed to get it back just by playing on one hand. Also, remember to not play when you are on an emotional drain. You do not play poker to forget about how angry or sad or depressed you have been. Being controlled by emotional feelings is not the proper state of mind when you gamble and play. You have to be rational all the time. You need to clear you head otherwise, you will just end up losing it.