The Basics on How to Play Craps

crapsCraps is practically a simple game. Even by watching it you can immediately learn its basics. However, the game might seem quite complex with all its various kinds of payouts, odds and wagers. Looking at the scraps table alone can be daunting. Do not be fooled by the many unknown phrases and random numbers on the table. Its sides are the exact opposite of each other. This is done so to accommodate many players. Once you learn the game, the table markings will seem typical. With everything going on the scraps table, getting started with the game can be a bit scary. Before learning how to play craps, it is crucial to know the elements that govern it.

The box man who is an important part of the table supervises the games. He sits between the stickman and directly behind the stack of chips on the table. The stickman calls out the outcome of the rolled dice and returns it to the shooter. He/she is also accountable for putting and paying the intended bets. There are two dealers on the game. They are accountable for all the bets made on the other half of the table. If you want to lay your bet and make free odds, you should give it to the dealer on your side and he or she will place the bet for you. The floor man watches over the craps game and all the other games in the casino. The marker puck is a plastic disk that the dealers use to mark the point on the table. The last important factor in craps is the pit. This is the enclosed area where the entire craps tables are situated. Once you familiarize yourself with these elements, you are now ready to learn the steps on how to play craps. Here are easy ways to follow on playing craps conveniently.

Craps is played with two dice with possible number combinations ranging from 2 to 12. Craps can look confusing because it is fast moving. Once you play the game, it can seem slow as you are always anticipating for the shooter to roll a great number. The game begins with the bet. When you place a plain craps bet what you are doing is betting on that person who is rolling the dice or the shooter. This bet is called the pass line bet. Your wager is placed on the area marked with pass line bet. This wager is a series bets. This means that the shooter will roll many times before you win or lose. Your bet is on the hands of the number that will come out as the shooter throws the dice.

The first throw of the series is called the come-out roll. On the come-out roll, 7 or 11 are guaranteed pass line winners thus ending the series. 2, 3, and 10 or the craps are considered pass line losers. This also ends the series. Rolled numbers like 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 continues the series and automatically becomes the shooters point. If the shooter makes his point then the series moves on with continuous dice rolling until a number of the same point is achieved before rolling seven. If other numbers beside the point is rolled then no one wins and the game continues. If the point is rolled, then pass line wager wins and the series is concluded.