Tennis Betting

It is common to bet on sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and even MMA, but not many of you out there in the gambling universe understand there is a great opportunity to profit from gambing on tennis.

Tennis betting is more than just deciding if Nadal is going to bet Federer. There are many factors that need to be considered before chosing a spefic wager.

Before making a wager you should know the players, and I’m not just talking about the top 20 that every knowledgeable sports fan knows about. The real opportunity comes by knowing the rest of the field. This is an opportunity to get the value on the betting line of lesser known players that often offer better odds. The average fan will only know a name, but if you really understand the field it can be used to your advantage.

tennis-bettingEvery basketball game is played on the hard wood, and football is some kind of turf, but no other sport is so dependent on the type of playing surface. There are four different playing surfaces: hard, clay, grass and carpet. Some players are great on one surface, but struggle on others. Some players are great on more than one surface. Some players excell only one type of surface. Different surfaces playes into each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and each player’s game and style of play changes with respect to surface. If participating in tennis betting you must fully understand the surface and how that surface effects how the player performs..

Tennis players can be very streaky, so you must really be aware of recent performces how much they have been playing. Thus, knowing a players recent performance, playing activity and rankings is vital.

Another key to tennis betting is current playing form. Very well known and accomplished players can have stretches where they play badly, and knowing how a player is performing can be critical in making the correct bet. Also, tennis players can be very fragile mentally, so pay attention a players current form and the effet it may have on their mental state.

Injuries and fatigue effect all sports, and consquently are important when making bets, but in tennis is a one-on-one individual sport, so injuries are even more important as there is no where to hide. Knowing whether a player is injured or fatigued can go a long way to succeeding in tennis betting. Look for whether a player recently withdrew from a tournament, recently missed several tournaments, or has been missing from tournament activity for a long period.

There are numerous ways that you get some action on tennis betting. Most sportbooks offer the traditional heads up matchup. In addition to heads up matchups, some books will offer prop bets for tennis betting. Examples of prop bets include: offering sets betting, which is where they post a line on the number of sets the match will go and you can take the over or under; and offering a line on which player will win more sets with a point spread.

When it comes to gambling, I would wager that tennis betting isn’t the first sport that comes to mind, but as discussed in this article there are opportunities that tennis betting provides that just aren’t available in other sports. Tennis betting allows the smart gambler to understand and research the players, the conditions, the matchups and possibly pick out an advantageous wager. I recommend that if you have the time and energy to put into the work, it is well worth it to give tennis betting a try.