Super Bowl Betting

sbwinIt is no secret that the Super Bowl is the largest, most watched single sporting event in the United States, if not the World. What drives the Super Bowl’s popularity? Is it the fact that months of hard work comes down to one game? Could it bet the bone jarring hits, and high light reel runs? Well, I’m sure that those factors, plus many more make up the Super Bowl’s popularity, but another factor, if not the biggest factor is simply that Americans love to gamble and the Super Bowl Betting is for the lack of a better term, the Super Bowl of gambling.

The following is a quick guide for Super Bowl betting novice who is looking to get in on the action:

The first rule of Super Bowl betting is you must learn the point spread. A game’s point spread point spread (i.e. Pittsburg by 6 over Arizona) is calculated so that an equal amount of the public’s gambling money will end up being on both the favorite (Pittsburg in our example) and the underdog (Arizona). Super Bowl betting is unique in that because of extensive media coverage, and the time off between the games, the spread moves up and down right up until kickoff all depending on how much money is being gambled. Once large bet can have the effect of changing a point spread a ½ point to a point the day of the game.

The second rule of Super Bowl betting is that there is more to the game than just the point spread. Find some side bets that you like, such as the over/under (the total amount of points that you think will be scored in the game), or fun prop bets. Prop bets are the crazy bets that you sometimes hear about and they range from the normal, such as what team will score first and who will score the first touchdown, to the abnormal, such as what songs will the halftime performer sing or what kind of celebration dance after a touchdown will be performed.

The third rule is to find out how you are going do you Super Bowl betting. This is a lot easier than in the past because of the invention of the internet. No longer do you have to meet up with shady characters in back alleys because it can all be done with a bank account, credit card, and an online connection. There are many websites available that will take your bets, so do a online search, and pick one that looks good to get started.

Finally, and most importantly, Figure out how much you can spare on Super Bowl betting. This may sound like simple advice, but many lives have been ruined by feeling too confident on a bet, wagering more than could be afforded, and losing it all.

If you follow these simple rules on Super Bowl betting you can join in on what just about all of America already knows, that the Super Bowl is only really fun if you team is playing or you have some money on the line. If you are one of the lucky ones to root for a good team that has made the game then put some money on you team and have a good time. If you are like the rest of us that doesn’t have are favorite team playing, then make some well thought out bets, make some money and really enjoy the spectacle that is the Super Bowl.