Strategies to Remember When Playing Craps

crapsCraps is a game of dice and shooters. This influential game has become popular in casinos. It is played on a wide table with unknown phrases and random numbers. Along with the craps table are the players, the table staff, the dice and of course the bets. In this game, the players stake their bets against each other on the result of one roll of dice from the shooter.

Craps begins when the shooter or the player rolls his first dice and when all bets are placed. The bets are positioned on the pass line and they do not pass line. The pass line is an area where all the bets including the shooters are placed. If the outcome of the shooters dice is 7 or 11 then those who bet on the pass line wins. The do not pass bar is an area where bets against the shooter are placed. After the bets are tucked in, the shooter then makes his come-out roll or the first dice. If he rolls either 7 or 11 then he wins along with those who placed their bets on the pass line. If he rolls 2, 3 or 12 then he loses and those who placed their bets on the do not pass bar wins. However, if the shooters roll is 4, 5,6,8,9 or 10, then no one wins but the bets are still safe. These numbers are called the point. The shooter then tries to roll the dice until he establishes his point. If he rolls seven (not the point) then he loses the game. The shooter has now “sevened out”. When this happens, another player can now become the shooter and begin another cycle of the game.

Like any other casino games, playing craps needs strategies. When playing craps familiarizing yourself with the basic rules is an important strategy. The tactic wherein your losses are minimized and your profits are maximized always works on the table. If you want to win even bigger on craps, pressing your bets is ideal. Do not be afraid to bet on two different numbers at the same time. Just make sure you bet minimally on each number so as not to lose a large sum. For example, you bet $5 on 4 and another $5 on 6 before any point is established. If in this case, a number 7 comes out you only lose $10, which is only a minor loss. Playing safe is the key to leaving the casino with a secured pocket.

Do not be too greedy when playing craps. Do not make your winning goals too unrealistic. If you bet $100, do not always expect you can double or triple it in minutes. Craps is game of patience so be realistic enough when you are on the table. Always play smart by not relying greatly on luck. Once you are on the craps table, always make sure that you bring along a game plan. With your game plan, decide where you will place your bets, how much you will bet in one time and how much you are trying to win. A plan can help you achieve a steady flow of your game. You should be equipped with knowledge about the game. When playing craps, you should put in mind that walking away once your goals and plans are met is vital. Craps can be a very tempting game especially for beginners. Always bear in mind that winning modestly is better than losing cash. Remember that in every game there are winners and losers.