slingoSlingo is a kind of multiplayer game online that is a mixture of bingo and slots. You can also find similarities from the game show “The Joker’s Wild”. This has been one of the most popular entertainments since 1995. Since then people are still hooked with this exciting online gaming. This game is very easy to play and this is not only perfect for children but as well as for those who are still young at heart. Anyone can give this revolutionized bingo game a try. There are many games out there in which you can dig into but if you like to keep on winning in an easy way then this game can serve you best.

If you like bingo but wanted to try variations of this kind of game then better start playing slingo now. Some websites offer this game for free but you need to download it first while others require for payment. When you download the game you can only play it for an hour, that’s the most and if you’re still not satisfied and got addicted right away then that’s the time to buy the game. However, you need to check the game requirements first just to make sure that your computer is capable of launching the game. If all is well then you can now enjoy playing this game.

Each player is awarded twenty turns to spin. There will be five numbers that will appear and mark those numbers on your card. You need to follow a pattern in order to win this game and advance to the next round. The pattern is already highlighted so all you have to do is spin and hope that luck will come your way and push you to the next round. That may sound very simple but slingo will not be called exciting without special items that you can get here. These special items are super joker, devil, coin and free spins. But not all freebies can help you out such as the devil. If the devil appears, it means that your score will decrease by 50%.

Aside from special items that can either make or break your game there is also a time limit for every spin. Slingo is very strict with this so make sure that you’re attention is only focused to this game or else you’ll lose your chance to spin. Time limit is not only applicable to spinning since all unmarked numbers within the allotted time will also be considered as null and void. So better keep your eyes on the computer if you want to keep on winning.

As everyone knows, Slingo started as an online game but as time goes by people behind this addicting game started a revolution in the gaming world. Nowadays, this bingo/slot game can also be played through your consoles, mobiles and even in casinos. So even if you’re no longer in the comfort of your home, you can still play this entertaining game anytime you want. This may appear as a simple game for some but once you try this, you’ll get hooked right away. This is a good form of relaxation and entertainment but don’t overdo it because this game is proven to be highly addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop playing this game.