Rules To Remember In Gin Rummy Game

ginrummyHave you ever played Gin Rummy? For all rummy lovers, Gin Rummy adds more fun and interest in the game. This is a two-player game. From the deck of fifty-two cards, every player has ten cards in his or her hands for play. Rest of the thirty two cards are placed as stock cards out of which the twenty first card is faced up and rest are in face down position.

The rules of Gin Rummy game are as follows:

1. Player should have consecutively arranged sequence of three or more same suit cards.

2. If a player possesses similar rank three or more cards then they are also valid.

3. Ace is given low priority in Gin Rummy, that is, its rank is below two and three.

4. It is not possible to use a single card to meet the requirements of more than one set. In other words, a card can be a part of a single set only.

5. The game of Gin Rummy begins when a player draws a card from the stockpile of cards. He or she may add the card to their hand and discard one of their cards to the discard pile.

6. Players have the right not to show the card they have drawn from the stockpile to other players.

7. In case the card drawn is of disinterest for the player then he or she may directly place it in the discard pile.

8. It is the choice of the player to draw upper placed card from the discard pile or stockpile. If he or she draws the card from the discard pile then that card cannot be discarded back to discard pile in that move.

9. The play can be ended only if you can present valid combinations of cards. If you have achieved this situation then you should place the eleventh card in your hand with face down and declare knocking. Then you are required to show all your cards to opponent players declaring your winning.

10. To declare a Gin you should not have any unmatched cards while declaring knocking. The player will be given special bonus if he or she declares gin.

11. The opponent of the winning player cannot lay off his or her cards to add up to the sequence of the cards of winning player if the winning player has a gin, otherwise he is permitted to declare lay off.

12. Gin Rummy game also ends if no player has sufficient sets or sequences to declare knocking and the stockpile is left over with only two cards. In this case, no score is granted to any player.

13. The game continues until any of the player reaches the maximum score limit set as 100.

This game may also be played by three or more players in which the partners are formed. Therefore, next time you are planning to play cards remember to play this wonderful and fun game.