Playing the 75 Ball Bingo Game

balls-75The 75 ball bingo is prevalently being played in America where it is highly regarded as one of the best games one could play while letting time off. It is more popular due to some variations to the game and the big prizes that can be won at a single play. The game is being played by players in different online sites and different bingo halls. The game is highly popular in all parts of America and Canada for bingo halls are promoting the game with various promotions. With the easy rules and the high prizes, bingo game has been a favorite game for most Americans.

So how is the 75 ball bingo game being played?

This type of bingo game utilizes a square shaped bingo card normally called a ticket consists of 25 spaces with one free space at the center. These cards are composed of five vertical and horizontal rows with 25 bingo squares; each square is composed of random numbers from 1 to 75 except for the free space at the middle. Normally, at the top of these vertical columns, the letters B-I-N-G-O are placed. Each letters corresponds to a number on it rows with an interval depending on the number. Letter B has numbers ranging from 1-5, letter I for 16-30, N for 31-45, G for 46-60 and the letter O from 61-75.

With the highest number of 75 to be drawn in a 75 ball bingo game, then it can be a much faster game than a 90 ball bingo. However, the combinations to be formed in a 75 bingo game are much complex and hard to create. It is said that a game in bingo using 75 balls are more creative and have unique bingo patterns.

As with the 90 ball bingo game, a bingo game using 75 balls have patterns to create at a number of ball combinations. It is divided into two categories; the 75 bingo game where players can win the prize with the line 1 to 5 combinations (diagonal lines, horizontal and vertical lines), and the 75 patterned bingo games where the prizes can be claimed by forming the predetermined pattern announced at the start of the game.

In the 75 ball bingo, there are patterns to form making the game more interesting. As there are 100 or more patterns to win for, these patterns are pre-decided at the start of the game and are to be won by a number of balls drawn. Some of the most popular bingo patterns are letter E, letter O, explosion, hangman and cornered. These patterns correspond to different prizes depending on the time to create them at a certain balls drawn.

In a 75 ball bingo, the game is being won when a designated pattern was formed. As with playing in a 90 ball bingo, the caller shouts out the number drawn and the players mark the numbers using a pen then shouts “bingo” when a pattern was formed. Traditionally, a bingo game using the 75 balls are played using only the 5 in a row pattern where players need to form a vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. As we see today, the 75 ball bingo game is being played with a variety of patterns mentioned earlier.