Online Bingo Jackpots

bingo_tvOnline bingo is fast becoming one of the most popular online games. As
it’s popularity grows so does the number of people logging on to play
every night and in turn online bingo jackpots are getting much much
bigger! You will find that all of the major online bingo halls are
running big weekly and even bigger monthly online bingo jackpot games.
The prizes in these games vary from site to site but at the top online
bingo halls you are going to find online bingo players winning prizes in
excess of £20,000 every month!

There are all kinds of online bingo jackpots on offer including
guaranteed prize pools, cover all jackpots and progressive jackpots. In
fact you will normally find that even in the coverall jackpot games
there is a guaranteed prize pool on offer.

Playing in a coverall online bingo jackpot game means that to win the
biggest prize on offer you must complete your card in a certain amount
of calls. This amount usually ranges from 38 – 42. If no one manages to
complete their card in the allotted number of calls then the prize
decreases in steps. So, the sooner you fill your card the more money you
are going to win.

Guaranteed online bingo jackpots are the most simple kind of games to
play in. There is a set amount in prize money before the game starts and
the first player to fill up their card is the winner of the pre arranged
amount. You will usually find that guaranteed bingo jackpots are smaller
than coverall jackpots because they are easier to win.

Progressive bingo jackpots are usually on offer in most of the non
coverall and guaranteed games. A small percentage of every penny spent
in the regular games goes into the progressive jackpot prize pool and
then the first player to complete their card in a certain number of
calls or less wins the whole lot! It can take a while before anyone
completes their card quick enough which means that the prize pool gets
bigger and bigger. The longer the progressive jackpot remains un-won
the bigger it gets!

There are all kinds of great value online bingo jackpots out there to be
won and with the fantastic deposit bonus options on offer at the moment
there has never been a better time to try your luck. Remember all
the best online bingo sites allow you to pre-buy your tickets for the
bigger games. This means that even if you can’t make the exact time and
date of the jackpot game you will still be entered and your card will be
filled out automatically.