NCAA Basketball Handicapping

ncaabaskSix Tips to Make You a Better Bettor

NCAA Basketball handicapping is a complex process. This is partly due to the fact that there are over 180 Division I teams in more than 25 conferences playing thousands of games each season. Each college basketball team plays a 30-plus game season. Participating in non-conference and conference contests, teams are tested over a grueling season that runs five months. For the NCAA Basketball handicapping enthusiast managing and analyzing the wealth of information associated with these clubs can be daunting.

Here are six simple tips that you can utilize in your NCAA Basketball handicapping endeavors. Each one will help you determine which team is your best bet.


Decide on a conference or two that you can really get to know from top to bottom and inside out. By doing this, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of somewhere around 25 to 30 teams. This will give you more than enough betting opportunities each week.

Recent Performance

When it comes to NCAA Basketball handicapping and you’re looking at a particular match-up be sure to check out how each team did in the past two weeks, taking into account how tough or easy their schedule has been, what the strong and weak points of their game has been and how they match up man-on-man with their opponents.


Always remember in NCAA Basketball handicapping that coaching is a huge part of the game. The more successful the coach then the more successful the program will be. The most successful programs attract the best players and the best players tend to be coachable. Great college coaches know how to manage and mentor players, create executable game plans and, ultimately, win games. Finally, determine if the team is on the same page as their coach.

Against the Spread

How has each team been doing against the spread? Can you see a definite trend, especially when you compare their performance against the spread when they win and lose. Have they played this team recently? Did they have any players out due to injury, had they been on a long road trip or were there any other circumstances that may have affected the team’s performance?


How many players on the team are veterans? Have they performed well in high-pressure situations? Are there any first year players who are starting? Are they playing with maturity?

Fatigue Factors

Your handicapping of a NCAA basketball game can be influenced by various fatigue factors. These include long road trips, a string of games against top teams and being short-handed due to injury. Is either club’s performance being hindered by fatigue and are they susceptible to a less talented opponent?

Use these six tips to help you develop strong NCAA Basketball handicapping skills that will allow you to make smart bets. The more information that you can analyze the better your chances are of winning more than half your bets in a given week. If you can do that consistently, you’ll become a NCAA Basketball handicapping guru.