NBA Betting

NBA basketball is a tough sport for the beginner to gamble on, but once you have gained some experience NBA betting can be one of most lucrative ways to gamble on sports. Once you understand how teams play at home versus the road, the difficulty of playing many games back to back, or effects of a team traveling cross country, you can then start to make some money on betting on the NBA. There are many factors that contribute to how a particular team will play on a particular night, and this article will attempt to explain those factors so you can start to make some money from NBA betting.

nbabettingThe NBA is no different than just about every other sport in that the single most important factor is being aware of the injury situation of each team. There are only 5 players on the court at one time in the NBA, so an injury to a starter severally hinders that particular team. It is an obvious proposition that the Cleveland Cavaliers are a different team with LeBron James, than without him. The professional line makers are going to know who is playing, and more importantly not playing because of injury or suspension on any given night, so make sure you know as well before you decide to place a bet.

Another important consideration in NBA betting is finding out which team is home. Some teams that are just average on the road are much better at home. Some venues are friendlier to visiting teams than other venues. The Utah Jazz might be a good team, but when playing at home they are nearly unbeatable. The line should reflect which team is home or away, but there is an advantage to be had if you can find out which teams play their best at specific locations.

The NBA is similar to other sports in that fans are also the gamblers, this means that certain teams are more popular than others and have a larger public following that will place wagers on them no matter what the posted point spread is, usually this can be taken advantage of when one of these popular teams is playing at home and is favored by a real large number. This is especially true if the game happens to be against a division rival.

When you have decided on the bet you want to make, don’t jump at the first line you see. When participating in NBA betting you should always remember to look for the best possible number on your team of choice in order to better enhance your chances of a winning wager.

Finally, remember to succeed in NBA betting you must do your homework. A general rule of thumb is that a winning gambler is a researching gambler. You must be prepared because everyone else will be. If you work harder than others to understand the teams, you’ll have a better chance to win. If you don’t do the work then you are better off going to the casino and rolling the roulette wheel, because you’ll most likely have better luck.