Most Prestigious Poker Tournaments

When seeking out the most prestigious poker tournaments, one must truly embark upon a tour of the world. This game has developed such a massive following that it extends its reaches to the far flung corners of the earth and players travel great distances to become part of the fame and thrills associated with major poker tournaments.

While the game of poker is a wide spread sensation with thousands of unique tournaments being played around the world, four main events earn the title of Most Prestigious Poker Tournaments. The big four tournaments earning this designation are the Crown Poker Australian Championship, the European Poker Tour, the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker.

The Crown Poker Australian Championship, also referred to as the Aussie Millions, has been a fixture in Southern hemisphere poker since its launch in 1997. Housed by the Crown Casino, a lavish casino boasting more than forty food and drink establishments, exotic night clubs, top of the line showrooms and cinemas, the Crown Poker Australian Championship is the largest poker event in the Land Down Under.

The European Poker Tour also takes a prominent position as one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world. Beginning in the year of 2004, the European Poker Tour, sponsored by Poker, was Europe’s answer to the Travel Channels broadcast of The World Poker Tour. With the major tournaments being played in seven European countries (Copenhagen, Denmark. London, United Kingdom. Baden, Germany. Dublin, Ireland. Barcelona, Spain. Deauville, France. And Monte Carlo in Monaco) this far reaching tournament truly is a European tour.

The World Poker Tour, the first televised poker tournament in the U.S., came onto the scene in 2002. This tour was set up with the idea of creating a fan base for televised poker events buy bringing the audience a selection of the most thrilling and high paced poker on the planet with a cash pool of several million dollars being distributed amongst winning players. Traveling the world to get their footage, The WPT has succeeded in its mission statement.

Last but not least, we arrive at the most prestigious poker tournament of them all. The World Series of Poker is unique in several ways but one of the most prominent is the fact that the televised tournament is broadcast in a unique manner. When viewers watch the World Series of Poker on television, they are omniscient… they can see every players cards and the Hole card of each players thus allowing them to learn poker from the master players.

wsopThe World Series of Poker is the best known poker tournament in the world thanks to the Las Vegas prodigy, Benny Binion. Mr. Binion was known as a legend in his own time, creating a casino environment that catered to his players. He put carpet on the floors, instead of the normal sawdust, complimentary drinks for players and no limit betting that drew high rollers from around the country. Poker was Benny Binion’s game and with the help of his two sons, he made certain that it became a casino fixture instead of just an occasional find. In 1970, The Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas hosted the World Series of Poker under Benny Binion’s direction. Cash Prizes for the winner were introduced in 1971 and have remained in effect ever since. The $10,000 buy-in for the no limit Texas Hold ’em Tournament has been the same since 1972 and the commemorative bracelets awarded to winning players are coveted souvenirs of the professional poker player. These little extras that made Mr. Binion a legend, also made his tournament, the WSOP, the Most Prestigious Poker Tournament in the world.