MMA Betting

mmaOne of the newest and most exciting sports has created another excellent betting option for the sports world. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has created a buzz that is unsurpassed by any other sport. The history of betting on fights used to be solely limited to the boxing ring, but because of various factors, MMA is quickly replacing boxing as the most popular venue to bet on fights. Nothing is more exciting that watching a MMA fight, unless you have placed a bet on that MMA fight. The popularity of MMA betting continues to grow, and with a quick review of some of the basics in this article you can start to enjoy you favorite MMA events more than ever before.

Understanding Mixed Martial Arts Betting Odds

A classic example of a MMA betting line is as follows:

John Smith -270
Roger Rock +210

Just like in other forms of betting, the negative number is always the favorite. In the example, Smith is -270 which means you must risk $270 in order to win $100. Conversely, the positive number is always the underdog. Rock is +210 which means you must risk $100 in order to win $210.

If you are mathematically challenged there are many websites online that offer calculators for the purposes plugging in the numbers in to see what you can win based upon a bet of any amount.

Picking a winner for the purposes of MMA betting is a difficult proposition because of the different styles that many of the fights possess. When attempting to pick a winner you must analyze a fighter’s success, and when analyzing that success you must understand each fighter’s strengths and weakness all compared to the opponent. If you do the research then picking a winner mixed martial arts fight become much easier.

One of the factors to analyze when deciding how to bet on a fight to determine if either fighter is more prepared. Look for a steady, consistent training and fighting regularly as all positive signs of a focused, motivated and fit athlete. All of this equates to a fighter that is ready to win. If you notice that one fighter has an advantage in any of these areas, then maybe you have found an advantage in MMA betting.

Look for a fighter to have a high fitness level. Other issues to consider are how much weight a fighter cuts. If a fighter has to cut a bunch of weight prior to a fight, then they might have lost strength. This also shows a lack of preparation, both short and long term.

Also, when researching fighters for the purposes of MMA betting, determine if the fighter has a three dimensional approach to fighting. A successful fighter needs to stand up and strike effectively to inflict damage, all while defending against takedowns. A winning fighter must control or escape their opponents while clinching and inflict damage while in close quarters. Finally, a winning fighter must defend or defeat an opponent on the ground by submission or ground and pound. When all three are achieved in a fighter, you have a three dimensional approach that is successful when properly applied.

An additional factor when it comes to MMA betting is the training environment that the fighter is subject to. You should find out who a fighter is training with. If a fighter surrounds himself with successful fighter, there is a chance he will benefit from that experience and be more prepared than his opponent. A fighter that trains with champions will always be more prepare, than a fighter that trains with chumps.

Another important factor when looking for fighter to make a successful bet on is for either a winning or losing streak. Streaks are very important factors in a fighter’s confidence and a clear indicator on whether a fighter is improving or declining. If you find a fighter that has put together a nice streak, when combined with other analysis, might be a easy way to find a fighter you are willing to place some money on.