March Madness Betting

ncaabaskWhen it comes to sheer sports excitement, there is nothing that compares to March Madness. The NCAA championship tournament gives a sports fan everything they could want from small schools upsetting perennial powers to buzzer beaters, March Madness has it all. The best way to fully appreciate and experience the excitement is to get involved in March Madness Betting. Just about everyone has filled out an office pool, but this article will provide you with some essential knowledge to really participate in some exciting March Madness Betting.

March Madness is made of three weeks in March and early April, when the county is glued to the television screen hoping to catch some of the action. All of the action is wrapped up on championship Monday, when a winner is crowned as One Shining Moment is played.

One of the most interesting form of March Madness Betting is one of the many different propositions available. Some examples of prop bets for before the tournament begins include, which teams will win the tournament outright, which teams will make the Final Four, and the total number of games won in the entire tournament by each conference. Another good March Madness proposition bet is, betting on individual games. Most of the individual game prop bets are only available after the second round has been completed. These are usually more exotic and might involve how many assists a particular player or team gets or the total combined points of two players on one team against two players on another. Prop bets such as these can make the games very entertaining.

The industry definition of a prop bet for the purpose of March Madness betting is: A bet offered with conditions and odds determined by an oddsmaker. These bets are usually exotic bets such as which quarterback will complete the most touchdown passes, which team will score the final points in a game, or maybe the distance of the longest drive on a certain hole in a golf tournament. Almost any part of a game can be turned into a proposition bet. These bets are offered with moneyline odds or standard X:Y payout, depending on the bet.

Another popular way to participate in March Madness beting is to place a wager on the which teams will make the Final Four. These odds will be offered in the same manner as those for picking the overall champion and will also be adjusted after each round.

Of course, you can always bet on which team individual games, if they will be over/under, and all the other classic bets. If you do insist on sticking to the classic college basketball bets, I do recommend partaking in some of the fun bets described above to really experience March Madness betting.

Once you have chosen how you want to bet you should follow the next three rules to succeed in your March Madness betting. First, study your teams, learn their strengths and weaknesses, know their home and road records, and evaluate them objectively. Next, get value on your bets, which mean getting better than the “true” odds on your team. Finally, go ahead and bet against the public opinion. If a team has a strong public following more people are likely to be on them to win, pushing the line to offer better odds or a larger point spread then the team would normally deserve if they weren’t so popular.

March Madness is one the best times of the year, and now after reviewing this article you are ready to enjoy the games and your March Madness betting will extend beyond the local office pool. Heck, you might even win that office pool while you at it.