Making Solid NFL Picks

It’s No Secret, Just Hard Work

Have you known anyone who can consistently hit 70 or 75% of their NFL picks? You may think you do, but you don’t. How about a handicapper who’s correct an average of 60 to 65% of the time? That is possible. If you know someone like that, then pump him or her for as much information as you can get. The best professional football handicappers hit about 63% of their NFL picks, and you’ve hit pay dirt.

wk-8-nfl-parlay-picksIf you’re going to bet on the NFL, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Gambling by hunch, panic betting and all or nothing wagering may work once every blue moon, but more often than not any of these techniques usually result in a loss of cash. Here are five practices that will help make your NFL picks solid.

Do Your Homework

If you’re making NFL picks, then you have to keep up on the latest news every day of the year. No, not just during the football season but during the pre-season and off-season. Additionally, one source will not do. Find a forum you like, utilize a reliable pick service and read the major news organizations everyday. Study stats, analyze coaches and try to understand team chemistry. Get as many facts as you can to help you make an informed decision.

Set a Budget and Keep Strict Records

Decide on how much you can afford to wager each week and stick to it. Also, you must keep strict records, writing down every wager and its outcome. The reason for doing this is that we often forget our losses and we elevate our wins. That’s just human nature. You want an honest accounting of your performance so that you can improve your success rate over time.

Practice Good Money Management

Good money management involves documenting all expenses, including bets and losses, all subscriptions to handicapping services, and any publications and recording all profits. In terms of your bankroll, the rule of thumb is that you should never wager more than 2 to 3% of your bankroll on one bet.

Stay Away from Parlays and Exotics

Parlays are notorious black holes when it comes to wagering. A two-game parlay is hard to hit and three-game parlays are near impossible. Instead of a three-game parlay, wager on three individual contests. That way if you hit two of three individual wagers you’ll be ahead of the game. That would not be the case if you hit two of three in a parlay. With that scenario, you’d lose your entire wager.

Exotic wagers are also bad news. Betting on who will win the coin toss, how many yards a quarterback will pass for in a game or which player will make the first score are basically chance bets. Exotics pay well, offering fine odds, because they rarely payoff.

Stay in it for the Long Run

If you are into making NFL picks over the course of an entire season then you’ll have a much better chance of making a profit than those who wager every once in awhile. The long run is essential for those looking to profit consistently. Making NFL picks is a business just like any other. So be sure to consider this aspect when wagering.

Engaging in these five essential practices will help ensure you have every chance for success when it come to making NFL picks. Remember that sports betting involves the analysis of complex data, good money management and smart choices.