Making online money as a poker affiliate

commissionsPlaying poker online is one of the fastest growing activities on the internet with several poker players raking in big bucks by simply playing poker online professionally and often giving up their regular day jobs. These online poker players have something in common and that is that they find their poker site by searching online and finding which room offers them the best deal. It is extremely likely that they got to the poker room or poker rooms they choose to gamble at through an affiliate link. By doing so this means the affiliate earns a percent of all the action they place online resulting in big commission checks for the referring affiliate.

Do not miss out and get part of this action by becoming a poker affiliate. The online poker affiliate community is growing stronger everyday with more and more affiliates jumping onboard this profitable band wagon.

In the below article I will explain what makes a good poker affiliate and why they are so successful.

What is a poker affiliate?

A poker affiliate is an individual who promotes poker, usually through an online portal/online poker forum and earns a percentage of the rake generated by the players they refer or a CPA (cost per acquisition). A successful poker affiliate is likely to receive 10,000+ hits a day to their website and have an active online poker community. Poker affiliates can earn a couple of hundred dollars a month to six or even seven figure commission checks. Most poker affiliates promote an average of ten online poker rooms, and focus on the six leading poker brands.

Driving Poker Traffic

The majority of poker affiliate sends traffic online, with a minority referring offline traffic through advertising at poker events or in offline periodicals. The traffic sent online can be through a large portal, a network of online poker websites. However a network of websites is less popular now than they were before due to the difficulty of getting good listings for each site.

Another big element about being a successful poker affiliate is building up the online poker community, and building player relations. Other forms of bringing in players are through mailers, blogs, twitter and other online communities.

Affiliate Poker Commissions

Poker affiliates earn commissions through revenue-share or CPA. The average revenue-share is anywhere between 25-50% with the average being 35% of rake. However several affiliates tend to go for the quicker money making option being CPA and the average CPA can range anywhere from $125 to $250 upwards.

Poker Affiliate Tools

There are several tools available for poker affiliates to use, and the most popular is an XML tournament feed. The feeds help keep your site fresh as well as help drive traffic to your partners.

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