How to Play Draw Poker

Although draw poker used to be the most popular type of poker played, it is not that common nowadays due to the new, more popular variations played online and in casinos. As a result, not everyone knows how to play draw poker anymore. Fortunately, the rules are simple enough to learn and from there it is simple to pick up on the other kinds of draw poker games.

drawpokerFor starters, draw poker needs a minimum of two players for the game and up to eight people can participate in the same round. Regardless of how many players are going to play draw poker, everyone has to first place a bet and then each player is dealt five cards. All of these are face down so that only the holder of the cards can see them and decide which hand they are going to try for. Betting and trading cards will then proceed with the player to the left of whoever dealt the cards starting off.

After all players have received their five cards and decided on a strategy, then the second round of betting has to take place. This is better known as an ante, which is nothing other than the term used for a forced bet. Each player has to decide what the best possible poker hand can be based on the cards dealt. For example, if a player has two of the same number or a series of numbers, then they can try for three or four of a kind or even a flush. Being realistic is important since you will not win a round by trying to achieve a royal flush if you have all four suits already in your hand. Always keep in mind the probability and chances of a hand happening before making a new bet. It is also important for each player to keep their cards out of the sight of other players, since only the holder is allowed to see what is in the hand and if others do see, they will definitely have an advantage.

The rest of the deck that was not dealt to the players is then placed on the table and after the second round of bidding is over with, the players have a chance to exchange three cards from their hand for three new cards from the deck. It is not mandatory to trade three cards or even any cards, though. If you are satisfied with what you have or only need one or two cards for a good, high ranking hand then just trade the amount you desire and call a so-called stand.

All of the players have a chance to make a card exchange and after all have had the opportunity to make the most out of the hand they were dealt then the betting round takes place once again. If you do not feel confident with the cards then you can call it quits, but part of the fun of draw poker is trying to call a bluff and win with a bad hand. If you want to participate in the next round of betting, then do so. Only after no more players are returning bets will the hands then be revealed for everyone to see. Of the last players betting, only the one with the best hand will win.

The hand rankings are the same for regular poker games. The highest card is the ace and the best possible hand is the royal flush, where five cards are in numerical order and all must be of the same suit. Basically draw poker is very easy to learn and although not common in casinos, is still the variation of this popular card game that is best known and commonly played at home with friends and family.