How to bet on boxing

boxingIt is hard to imagine where sports gambling would be without boxing, but it is even harder to imagine where boxing would be without gambling. Boxing and betting have gone together for as long as anyone can remember. Many may say that gambling has ruined boxing with the allegations of the fixes being in on fights and judges making bad decisions, but there is no doubt that while gambling may have had negative effects on the sport, it has also added to its popularity through the years. It seems hard to believe now, but it wasn’t long ago that betting on a big heavyweight fight was more popular the betting on the Super Bowl.

Despite all of the naysayers, gambling betting on boxing is still a big business, and a great time. If you are interested in the sport, this article will give you an intro on how to bet on boxing.

Boxing uses the money line and is simple compared to some other sports in regards to gambling. When looking at the money line, the odds will be given next to each boxer’s name. An example of odds in a boxing match looks like the following:

Joe Louis -200
Mike Tyson +150
Draw +2000

Based upon the example above, a bettor who wagered on Louis would have to risk $200 to win $100, while a bettor who wager on Tyson are asked to risk $100 to win $150. A bettor who believes the fight will end in a draw risk $100 to win $2,000.

From there on it is really simply. If your boxer wins, you win. If your boxer loses, you guessed it, you lose. If the fight is a draw, then you lose, unless of course you bet the fight would end in draw.

Proposition Bets

When learning how to bet on boxing, you must also understand proposition bets, or prop bets. To make the match more interesting, especially when it appears to be one-sided, the oddsmakers will generally create several prop bets. The most popular of these is the over/under for how long the fight lasts. The wager works in the same manner as an over/under bet in other sports, but instead of betting there will be over or under a certain number of points scored, you are betting over or under a certain number of rounds taking place. An example of an over/under prop bet would look something like this:

Over 7 full rounds -130
Under 7 full rounds 130

If you bet on the over of the 7 full rounds, you will win your bet as long as both fighters are in the ring for the start of the 8th round. If you wager on the under 7th full rounds, you will win your bet provided the fight comes to an end anytime prior to the bell signaling the end of round No. 7. If the fight is stopped between the end of the 7th round and the beginning of the 8th round, then nobody would win on the over/under bet..

Know you learned the basics of how to bet on boxing. Like any other sport, there are always new and more complicated bets to be had, but it is recommended that you try out the basics listed in the article. Once you have mastered the basics you’ll be ready for the big time. Boxing is a great sport between modern day warriors, and now you are ready to take advantage of what you learned and enter the ring and do battle with the oddsmakers.