How to Bet on Baseball

San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Tigers Game 4 World SeriesWhen you first take a glace at the lines for baseball games, it might appear quite complicated to the new gambler, but actually it is very easy to get and understanding of how to bet on baseball. What makes baseball unique is the amount of games a year. With over 162 games, not including the playoffs there are plenty of opportunities to pick out some games that you really believe it.

When learning how to bet on baseball the first thing that many gamblers notice is that there is no point spread. Betting on baseball simply comes down to picking the winner, which is known as the moneyline. While that may sound easy, remember this is gambling, and there are not guarantees.There are many ways to gamble on baseball beyond the money line. Some other ways to make baseball bets include, the over/under, runlines, parlays, and futures.


This is the most common way of how to bet on baseball. Moneylines allow you to pick the team that you think is going to win the game, with odds that correspond to the chances the team has to win. An example is:

Detroit Tigers +160
Kansas City Royals -170

When reading the example above, the top team is always the road team. The bottom team is always the home team. Anytime a team has a + in front of their odds that means that’s the amount you stand to profit based on a risked wager of $100, and a minus sign (-) in front of a teams odds, this designates the amount you must risk to profit $100. A winning bet always receives the gambled amount back in addition to the profit. In the case of a tie or suspended game, no bet occurs and you should receive a refund into your account.

Over/Under (Totals)

Over/under is another popular method of how to bet on baseball. Over/Under allows you to bet on if the total runs scored by both teams (including extra innings) will go over or under the posted number. Most of the time these are offered using 20 cent lines and you will notice that the betting limit is often times 1/2 to 1/4 lesser than sides. To count, there must be a complete game.

Here are some examples of how totals may look at a sportsbook:

Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Over 9.5
Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Under 9.5


The runline bet creates a point spread for the game. Most sportsbooks offer this with the favorite laying -1.5 runs and getting + odds usually and the underdog getting +1.5 runs and usually laying some juice.


A parlay is when you take a bets that you like and bet them all together. All bets you make must win for your parlay bet to be a winner. Parlays usually offer an opportunity to bet a small amount to win a big amount, but don’t get too optimistic because it’s hard enough to pick one game much less 3,4,5 or even more games and expect a winning outcome.


These wagers allow you to pick a team to win the division, league or even World Series at some point before the event actually occurs. Other types of futures include picking a home run champion, RBI leader, or pitcher with the most wins. These bets offer big payouts for small risked amounts.

After reading this article you should have learned how to bet on baseball. Take what your new knowledge and enjoy America’s two favorite pastimes: Baseball and Making money. Play ball!!!