How to Beat Roulette

There is a roulette secret I would like to share with you which has earned me in excess of $100,000 a year on and offline.  The technique is simple and easy to use, and can result in you winning thousands of dollars a week.

two_roulette_displaysThe roulette works on one specific principle and that is the law of repeating numbers.  Basically in my theory I notice in the last ten numbers which come up on the board at least 1 or two will be repeated.  Based on the odds of every number paying $35 for every dollar bet I found a way to use this nicely for my own purpose.

Firstly I studied the board carefully and saw what were the past ten numbers to come in and placed a dollar bet on each number.  Now to help me get that edge I placed an equal number of chips I have on the numbers on black.  You have to decide a colour to use and stick with it.  In my case my favourite colour is black so that was the colour I choose and I stuck with it.

The final trick to this bet is placing a bet on both zero and double zero.  So in total you will have 24 chips on the table.  That will be 12 chips on a colour and in my case black, 10 chips on the latest 10 numbers to come in 1-36 and 1 chip on zero and 1 on double zero.

Let’s say the latest ten numbers were 1,4,16,12,5,32,28,29,5,7,10

You would place one chip on 1,4,16,12,5,32,28,29,7 and 10.  Since 5 already repeated you do not need to put an extra chip on this and move to the next number.  Finally I would place 12 chips on black and 1 on each of the zeros.  Then wait for the spin…

Since you will not win all the time you need a starting balance of 200 chips ($200 if you are using $1 chips or $50 if you are using 25c chips).

This theory works both on and offline, but online is great to use this as numbers in my case always tend to repeat.

Try this theory out for yourself and comment on how much money you have won using the theory.

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