College Basketball Betting

ncaabaskWhen you think about college basketball the big time programs are probably what come to mind. Everyone is familiar with the names Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Kansas, but if you are trying to be successful in college basketball betting, the real money can be mad on some of the less popular schools.

College basketball provides such a great possibility because there are so many games, sometime up to 90 on a Saturday; it is difficult for the oddsmakers to accurately handicap every game. This means that with the right research you will be able to identify the mistakes and benefit from them.

When scouring the schedule to find some games to pick, don’t overlook the small conferences. One method is to try to find a team that has some experience playing the big name schools, thus their record, while bad, may only be a result of playing superior competition. Teams that schedule tough competition or often more prepared to play conference games, but the oddsmakers may only be paying attention to a teams win/loss record.

Another research method to succeed in college basketball betting is to scope out the match-ups at the beginning of conference play. Some teams have great records, equating to high rankings, but often those inflated rankings solely the result of weak schedules. When a team has an excellent record, but you find that they have not played any tough competition, they might have fooled everybody about how good they are, including the oddsmakers. This makes them a prime pick for an upset when it comes to tough conference play.
Another aspect to take into consideration for college basketball betting is that in conference most teams play each other twice, home and away. When performing your research don’t forget to look back the previous meetings to analyze the result. Was anybody injured, did the star get into foul trouble, did one team have an uncharacteristically bad shooting night? Beating the same team twice in one year is difficult, especially if the teams are evenly matched, so pay close attention to the home team.

A factor that can’t be understated is the home court advantage that some teams possess. College basketball offers some unique venues that provide great home court advantages that teams take advantage of. Look at the teams records at home. Find out if they every get blown out, or if the games are always close. The visiting team may be better and ranked higher, but sometimes the oddsmakers forget to take into account where the game is being played.

When it comes to college basketball and college basketball betting, nothing is bigger than the NCAA basketball tournament. At the end of the season 65 teams play there way into the final tournament of winner take all action. The same principles described above apply to the tournament, with a few variations. One variation is there are technically no home games. While it is possible that a team may be playing close to their campus, i.e. North Carolina in Charlotte, or Michigan State in Detroit, these aren’t home games in the true sense of the term. Home venues are often cozy, intimidating places filled to the rafters with rabid college students, but typically tournament games are played in more NBA style arenas, or even football stadiums.

Another factor is that unlike conference games, many times the teams know nothing about one another, making coaching a priority. How prepared a coach can have his team really is a great advantage, so always analyze the quality of the coach when picking a game.

March Madness is really a subject of another entire article, but I wanted to touch some issues because of how important it is the college basketball betting world.

College basketball is unique because it is one of the only sports that you may catch a oddsmakers mistake. So with the proper time spent on the research, take advantage of all the games and start making some money.