Casino Card Game: Rules and Guidelines

casinocardgameCasino card game is a popular game usually played by two contenders. However, it is also best played using three or four players. However, in theory, more players can take part in this. It is unique in such a way that the game deals out evenly between two, three or four players. Four players can play in partners, creating a two against two, and with the partners sitting opposite each other. It is played through a standard deck of cards. Each card is counted as its numerical value. The goal of casino card is to capture the cards form a group arranged on a table, plying a card from your hand and matching it from the number earlier captured or the sum of several table cards.

The cards already accumulated are placed in a pile and this will be scored at the end of every round. The dealer deals four cards to every player of the game. He or she also deals four cards face up in the centre of the table, making sure that each card is clearly seen and is visible. Occasionally, the deal occurs in twos: two cards to each player, two on the table and two for the dealer. This procedures of the game is done repeatedly. The other cards in the deck are put aside temporarily. After every round, the deal begins from the remaining cards until all cards have been dealt. In fact, the deal passes to the left for the next round.

Every player must play one of his or her card out from hand face up on the table.
This may either capture or not capture one or more cards in the table. In case it can capture the card, the player who is able to capture it picks up the captured cards and keeps them in a pile, with all cards facing down. If otherwise happens, the card remains face up on the table. The next player then does the play.

As for scoring, each player must be able to count their scores based on the pile of cards they have kept and won. There are eleven possible results to this game. Those who get the most number of cards get three points. The player who gets the most number of spades gets a point for it. Each captured ace is worth a single point while the ten of diamonds is worth a whopping two points. In this game, the ten of diamonds is also called big casino or big ten. The two of spades on the other hand is worth one point. This is called as the little casino or good two. No one gets the points if both or all players get a tie for the number of spades. In fact, whoever gets twenty-one points, regardless of the number of game rounds, wins. This game also has different variations but the one discussed is the traditional way of playing the game.

The variants include having five or more players in the game. There is also another variation popularly called as a sweep. A player who was able to capture all the faced-up cards on the table declares it. Sudden death scoring occurs when sweeps are scored as they happen. If the player gets twenty points, the round is put to halt immediately.