Boxing\UFC\MMA Handicapping

mma1Betting on the Fights

Bettors can find a wealth of action in the fight world that including handicapping opportunities in boxing\UFC\MMA. The old mainstay, boxing, is still around and offers traditional wagering opportunities. Newer forms of fighting, Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have expanded opportunities for those interested in betting on the pugilistic arts. The UFC is an organization that is part of the greater sport of MMA.

Here’s a secret for those looking to make some cash—the world of boxing/UFC/MMA handicapping is one of the most overlooked and under utilized in the realm of sports betting. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that the fight world includes athletes and events across the globe, which means it takes some extra work on the part of gamblers to make informed wagers in these areas.

Still, if you do know what you’re doing, boxing/UFC/MMA handicapping can prove to be a lucrative venture. One advantage to wagering on fighting is the fact that it is not a team sport. That means unlike basketball, baseball, football and hockey you evaluate individual athletes, which is simpler than analyzing an entire team. Another aspect of boxing/UFC/MMA handicapping that makes it easier to predict the winner is, unlike golf or tennis, you’re not betting on an entire field of athletes. You’re wagering on one match. With fighting there’s only two choices and they’re individuals.

A common betting line looks like this:

Mixed Martial Arts

July 11, 2009 at 7:00 pm – Ultimate Fighting Championships 100- Las Vegas, Nevada
Both must fight for action.

Fighters Odds

Brock Lesnar – 250

Frank Mir +190

When you wager in fighting, you’re betting the money line. The line will tell you what type of fight you’ll be betting on, when and where it is being held and the fighters. For there to be action both fighters listed on the card must fight.

In the above example, Lesnar at minus-250 is favored, while Mir at plus-190 is considered to be the underdog. If you want to win $100 on Lesnar, you’ll have to put down $250. That’s a big bet for a $100 payoff. On the other hand, putting $100 down on underdog Mir would result in a $190 profit if he wins the fight. Obviously, in this example, the best payoff is on the guy who probably won’t win.

If you’re interested in boxing/UFC/MMA handicapping, you’ll need to analyze each fight and fighter. Here are a few things to consider when performing your handicapping chores.

Take a close look at each fighter’s ranking and record, the ranking of former opponents and how the listed fighters performed against them. Also consider whether or not either fighter is on a winning streak. Additionally, you’ll want to know about any injuries the fighters have suffered, how their stamina is and how many knockouts and TKOs they’ve recorded. All of these areas are useful in determining each fighter’s potential in the next bout. Finally, consider if the fighter has changed managers recently, is having any type of money problems or has had recent run-ins with the law. Any of these things can influence a boxer’s performance.

With a thorough analysis and an understanding of the basics of the money line you’ll be armed with enough handicapping information to make smart wagers in the areas of boxing/UFC/MMA. Remember, if you can educate yourself on the neglected fight world, you’ll stand a good chance of making cash on boxing/UFC/MMA handicapping.