Blingo: Win Prizes by Using the Search Engine

blingoWhat comes in to your mind once you hear the word Blingo? If you think this is another kind of online game then you’re wrong. This is not a kind of game. This is a search engine powered by Google that gives prizes when people use this to search online. Isn’t this a great way to win freebies without having to register or answer any tricky questions? Well, if you think that this is just a scam or advertising propaganda then you’re dead wrong because this is 100% authentic. In fact, this search engine has already given away nearly one hundred thousand prizes to date. The prizes also keep changing every week, which makes this site more exciting.

You don’t need to register before you can use Blingo or win exclusive prizes. However, only US residents are eligible to win prizes. Since this is powered by Google, you can already consider this as a reliable search engine. But there are some features or options that may not function here such as Google’s hidden dictionary and maps. If you’re just using this search engine just like most people do, without using other Google functions then this will just work perfectly fine for you. You’ll search the web anyway one of these days so why not use this search engine that can give you a chance to win exciting prizes.

You may ask how to win when using Blingo. Well, the winners are chosen randomly every day. However, only your first twenty five searches for the day will qualify you to win a prize. If there will come a time that people search at the very same second when a prize is about to given out, it will be given to the user who is closest to the prize-winning time. There are some who even try to outfox this search engine by searching the same terms over and over again but this will not entitle you to win. Use this accordingly, that’s the best way to bag those prizes and with sheer luck of course.

You’ll see a different page once you win. It will inform you of the prize you have won and will ask for important information such as your name and address. That’s the procedure and you don’t have to worry about giving away your information because Blingo is a valid and safe website. It’s true that you need not sign up to win prizes but you have the option of doing so to increase your chances of winning. Once you have already an account, refer your friends and if ever they win you’ll also get the same prize they’ve won. Winning is not an everyday thing here. You are only allowed to win two prizes every month. Using this search engine mainly depends on your luck so there’s nothing that you could really do to win those prizes.

Blingo may be powered by Google but its functions are simpler and you cannot be assured of getting great result especially if you’re searching about a very delicate matter. This search engine is only suitable for users who search for simple things and don’t need additional features to get them. The only thing that makes this search engine great is the prizes that you can get and aside from that there’s nothing more.