Blackjack Odds

secret-of-blackjackMixing the elements of chance and strategy makes an especially riveting game. For this reason, many people are hooked on card games that are already centuries old. While, of course, card games differ from one another, it cannot be argued that whatever the game, it sure is a good way to pass time by and perhaps, earn some extra cash. Before you head to the tables or online casinos, you should have at least a basic understanding of how one of the most popular games, blackjack is played.

The rules of blackjack rely fairly on the fact that the one who holds the cards that reach 21 is the winner. The goal is to have cards that have hand values that are close to 21 but should not exceed this amount. While there are also other players in the game, you mostly focus on what you have in your hand since your cards only respond to those that the dealer decks out. Your cards are dealt to you and you place them on the table, face up.

The value of cards is one of the important aspects of the rules of blackjack. Neophytes or first time players should try to remember this, especially if they want to try playing against other people. An ace has a value of either 1 or 11, which will be determined as the game progresses. Cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as they indicate while the 10 card, King, Queen, and Jack all have a value of 10. If your hand includes an Ace, this is called a soft hand precisely because you determine the value of Ace.

In blackjack, the dealer hands out the cards to the players after the bets are made. Cards are dealt from the dealer’s left. Players are dealt two cards each while the dealer also has two. If all players have cards, the game will start with the dealer challenging the card of the person on his or her left. Players determine their turns through five ways: hitting, standing, doubling down, splitting a pair or surrendering.

A hit means that you want the dealer to take another card. This is usually indicated by scraping cards on the table or touching a finger on the table. A stand means that you do not want any more cards and you can let the dealer know by sliding your cards under the bet or moving you hand in a horizontal manner. You can double down in your first two cards only. Doing so also adds another card to your hand as you double your bet and receive a card that is lying face down. Splitting a pair, meanwhile, means that you separate two cards that have the same value. By doing so, you can make two hands and divide or double your bets. Lastly, surrendering, as the name suggests, means that you are giving up half your bet without playing your cards.

The rules of blackjack are considerably simple. As you may have noticed, it does not need a lot of time and effort to understand. By knowing how to count cards, however, you are already putting yourself ahead of the game. With a few practice rounds, you could be on your way to winning a huge cash prize from a game of blackjack.