Bingo Online

bingo-onlineThere’s something about risk that draws the awe and attention of people. Whether through books, movies, or even games, taking a risk provides a person with a certain kind of exhilaration. One such avenue for risk-taking compulsions is bingo online. True, it might seem a bit tame to people who are big on taking chances, but there’s something about playing against odds and hoping for a win.

Originally, bingo was a card game played in 14th century Italy. It was very different from the kind people play now. Ancient bingo was usually played in Europe. In France, it was a game to pass time by but in Germany, it was used to teach schoolchildren spelling, multiplication, and even the names of animals. Then, in the late 1920s, a game called Beano was played in a carnival in Atlanta. This form was the predecessor of the beloved card game.

From then one, the game was taken to a new avenue: the internet. As other card games like poker were available online, bingo online has consistently become one of the most popular games. Because of the games simplicity, it has enjoyed a strong following from card game enthusiasts as well as those looking for easy money.

Bingo is a game wherein participants have cards with numbers on them. The participants need to form a patter on the card through numbers which are called out by a host. The numbers called out are randomly picked from a jar or basket. The game is mostly played in houses or charity events as part of fund raising activities. However, through the passion of avid bingo players, bingo online were made into fruition.

This version of the game drew a lot of participants especially since they did not really have to leave home. All the players need to do is log in and start playing. The online version proved to such a success as people from the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants pegged US bingo income in 2006 at half a billion dollars. There are two kinds of bingo games played on the internet. In the United States, the 75-ball bingo is played while those in the UK and Europe play using the 90-ball version.

Since one cannot use cards to play bingo online, participants have virtual versions of these cards. Numbers, meanwhile, are given through a random number generator. To be able to participate, players need to fund an account first before they can enter a game. This can be done through having an e-wallet or links can be provided by the website players are using. To mark numbers and positions on their cards, players use an auto marker like an auto dab to keep track of their numbers. What is good about this function is that the player does not have to look for a number on their card if it comes up; the program automatically marks this for him or her.

Bingo online gives players a lot of options. From the variety of games to one’s playing budget as a consideration, there are several online rooms they can choose from. The internet version of bingo also has a chat feature where players can talk amongst themselves and foster bonding. Unlike the atmosphere in casinos or bingo halls, this chat feature is welcome among players especially since in actual bingo games, players are not allowed to talk to one another.