Bingo on TV

bingo_tvBingo has never been increasing popular than ever. The game came a long way through from its modest roots dating back to the 14th century in Italy to the simple bean placing game in early 1900’s in the U.S. Now you can play bingo on TV and on the internet. Bingo is such a popular game that TV networks started to produce bingo shows. In United Kingdom alone, three main sites show interactive live bingo games. These sites are Gala TV, Big Box Bingo, and Bingo Night Live. Since bingo is such a popular game in the UK and in other countries the TV bingo offerings keep on to be successful and good fun. Local bingo hall owners had been worried that this may affect their businesses. They also think it can get people who had never been fascinated in bingo at all before out off the usual halls.

Bingo Night Live is a brand new show aired by ITV 1. In UK, this bingo on TV craze was first aired on June 4, 2008 where participants play off against each other with printed bingo cards at home. The show is an hour long and mixes real money bingo with free bingo. In the first episode, the golden jackpot amounts to £25,000. There are shorter games aside from the main bingo games. It airs every Tuesday to Sunday after midnight in the UK. Bingo Night live is set to be a huge success. With massive interactive games like this, the reach is going to get bigger. You can register and get your free bingo on TV cards at their official websites.

Launched in the end of 2006, Gala TV was the first live interactive bingo TV network. Teaming up with Endemol UK, a company known to produce a wide range of entertainment TV channels, Gala’s presenter and callers are quite good. It is entirely included with their online accounts for you to log in and play with their online username and passwords. If you don’t have access online, you can easily create an account using your remote control. With its increasing popularity as a Bingo TV game show, their bingo jackpots are of a good size.

The last but not the least among the greatest bingo on TV shows is Big Box Bingo also known as Play Monday. This is another exciting and wildly entertaining TV bingo game. Same with Gala and Bingo Night Live this show also brings live bingo games into your living room through your TV. Airing every Tuesday at 6:30PM, Big Box Bingo plays six games of standard bingo. You are required to print and buy your bingo cards from their website. You also need to purchase game cards and have them delivered through the mail at one pound fifty each. Contestants who get a line and full house gets to have the prizes. Big Box Bingo also gives free bingo cards that can be downloaded and played along with the show. Before earning or collecting prizes from them, you are required to deposit to their accounts first. These three bingo on TV games offer the greatest bingo entertainment. These bingo shows definitely brings bingo to a completely new level. If you want to enjoy bingo like you have never had before, grab that remote control and mark your cards for a fun experience.