Best Poker Books

Are you looking to find out some new strategies for your favorite card game? Do you need tips on how to play online poker? Some of the best sources of this information are not online at all.

Sometimes the best way to learn effective strategies and hints is by going through the old fashioned method and picking up a book. That being said, there are a lot of books in print that claim to be the best poker books available. Where can you find the book that is going to give you the information you need?

poker_booksOften times, the best strategy to find a book for poker players is to talk to other poker players. Get a feel for what is important to them and then look for books on that subject. Need to know the basics? Get a book that is a basic manual for card games and read the section on the variations of poker carefully. Do you want to get a more in depth knowledge of odds? Find a book that deals with the subject matter. Want to improve your poker face? Check out books such as Play Poker Like the Pros to learn what little things may be giving your opponent clues as to what is in your hand.

Also, take into consideration the type of poker you want to play when searching for the best poker books. While a general book on poker may give you the basic knowledge of the game, it may not give you the insights into the tells that give away online poker players to their opponents. Similarly, a book about online poker gaming may not give you the necessary information to develop a system for playing poker in the real world. Additionally, not all poker games are the same. A book on Black Jack may be the best poker book in the world for a Black Jack player but for a Texas Hold ’em player, it may be a curse.

When you are looking for the best poker books, you should also remember that, while the game is timeless, strategies change. To prove this point, a man named Doyle Brunson developed Doyle Brunson’s Super System: A Course in Power Poker in the 1970’s. This book has lasted and been highly recommended to new poker players ever since. However, even Mr. Brunson changed his system to accommodate the evolution of the game and the change in the players. Thus, he published another book, Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2 in mid 2005. Even professionals have to change to accommodate the times. While a book that was written twenty years ago may have been one of the best poker books of its time and may even be highly recommended today, the more recent titles may reflect current trends in a more consistent manner. This does not mean to dismiss a book simply based on its age. Mr. Brunson’s first book is still considered highly recommended reading to many poker professionals. It just means that you should consider a full range of books to achieve a solid education in how to play poker like the professionals.

To find the best poker books available, online searches can be very helpful. Additionally, this method of searching may also lead you to discounts on these great reading materials by purchasing the books online through publisher outlets or even, secondhand, through private individuals or used book stores. Often times, this is the only way to find an elusive book that is no longer being printed. Sometimes, you can buy hard to find poker books for pennies on the dollar of the original publisher’s price. With luck you might even find a much loved copy that a professional once owned with notes on their strategies. Happy hunting and enjoy the game.