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The software that online casinos utilize is very highly-developed. In fact, online gambling software is some of the most complex on the Internet. Not only do the games need to be functional; they must provide realistic re-creations of land-based casino games, complete with randomized numbers and a wide offering of payment processing options. To create such software, online casino operators either outsource from development companies or they create their own, which is referred to as proprietary software. While outsourced online casino software may be the more popular option, some of the best online casinos utilize proprietary software.

One of the major downfalls of outsourced online casino software is that they allow casino operators to share in the credit of the software provider. It is true that software providers take great care in ensuring that their players have access to fair gaming and banking practices, but auditors often examine the integrity of the software only. So, a casino operator with questionable practices can fall under the shadow of a reputable software provider’s name.

Additionally, proprietary software has the added benefit of providing players with a gaming experience that they will not be able to find anywhere else, a characteristic of some of the best online casinos. Outsourced software providers have a reputation for supplying the same games to multiple online casinos, so exact copies of games can be found at dozens of different online gambling destinations. With proprietary software, only one online casino has access to the specific game suite, so players are provided with a truly unique online experience.

Many people believe that because proprietary software is not outsourced that it is not audited in the same way. However, proprietary software gives players the same security and fair gaming practices that outsourced software does. The best online casinos, whether powered by outsourced or proprietary software, always ensure that their gaming practices are examined and reported, in order to prove to their customers that they are getting the best service possible.

Because proprietary software is much more difficult to find, it is always wise to look into the company. Using online forums, chat rooms and review sites, players can obtain the opinion of those who have had experience with online casinos that run on particular types of proprietary software. These sites are where the most honest information can be found, so it is always a good idea to do some research first.