Best NFL Matchups Of The Week: November 17

Pittsburgh-Steelers-Maurkice-Pouncey-vs-LionsThe week 11 schedule in the NFL will offer yet another set of likely plot twists. Few things in this league hold true from one week to another. What surprises lie ahead?

Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This game is going to be an uphill battle for the Steelers, because their offense has been so limited over the course of the season. Pittsburgh was able to succeed this past Sunday because its opponent, the Buffalo Bills, couldn’t do anything in terms of throwing the ball down the field. Detroit is precisely the kind of team that can and will throw the ball vertically for big plays. The Lions should be able to outscore the Steelers as long as they don’t commit huge mistakes. Detroit will be a confident team after winning on the road in Chicago against the Bears.


San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins


This is a game in which one should expect San Diego to regroup. The Chargers just finished playing the Denver Broncos, a team they never figured to beat in the first place. San Diego knows it has to win this game to save its season, and since Miami has been torn apart by the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito controversy, it’s going to be hard for the Dolphins to find the team unity and cohesion they need in order to be successful.


Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants


This game is going to be defined by one injury above everything else. The Packers will be without their superstar and the man who is by far their most important player, quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Scott Tolzien, the third-stringer on the roster, will start at quarterback this Sunday after second-stringer Seneca Wallace suffered an injury. Without Wallace, the Packers’ odds really weren’t that good to begin with; it’s the absence of Rodgers that matters here. Green Bay will have to get turnovers from the Giants. Scoring a defensive touchdown would really come in handy for the Pack Attack.


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