Best NFL Matchups Of The Week: December 8

indexThe week 14 schedule in the NFL will offer a diverse plate of selections, but everyone can agree that the heat of the moment is growing as the cold of December intensifies.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins

This game is going to be a mental challenge for the Chiefs, who have lost three straight games after starting the season 9-0. The Chiefs have simply been exposed by a really good team, and their defense has clearly started to wear down under the stress and strain of the season. This prolonged losing streak can really weigh on a team’s nerves and obliterate its sense of confidence.

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals

This is a game in which two teams are playing for a very important prize: the third seed in the AFC playoffs. Kansas City, a really good team, is now almost certain to get the fifth seed and thereby play the fourth seed in the postseason. The Colts and Bengals want to get the third seed so that they can avoid being the fourth seed. Moreover, being the third seed would bring about a matchup against a mediocre sixth-seeded team in the wild card round. The team that wins this game will gain much more favorable odds of winning a playoff game this season. What adds to the drama of this game is that the Colts and Bengals both lost in the wild card round last season.

New York Giants @ San Diego Chargers

This game is a must for both teams. The Giants realistically don’t have much of a chance in the NFC East, but they have not been mathematically eliminated just yet. If they can catch a few breaks in December, they could still perhaps create some problems. The Chargers are now in must-win mode after giving away a bad loss at home to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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