A few Things to Consider Concerning Golf Handicapping

golfSome Golf Handicapping Basics

Compared to other sports, golf handicapping is relatively simple. If you go to your favorite online sports betting site, you’ll find odds on the major players in the upcoming PGA event or events and also odds on the rest of the field. In golf handicapping, bookmakers usually give about 50 players individual lines and then list the rest under a general “field” bet. You’ll either be given basic odds or a money line for each player. You’ll be able to wager on the entire tournament before it begins and then many sportsbooks will offer odds on each round. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to golf handicapping.

Recent History

Like any sport you’re putting money on, when it comes to handicapping gold you have to keep up on recent trends regarding who’s hot and who’s not. By the way, who is hot is not just dictated by who has been winning recently. Look to see if someone has been consistently finishing in the top four over the past month to six weeks and also determine who’s had strong last rounds and which players, who have done well overall, died out in the final round.

Course History

Some players simply own certain courses. If someone consistently or habitually does well in the Bob Hope Classic and they’re on a streak, they may just be a good bet in that particular tournament. How’s does Vijay Singh play the PGA National Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? Does Rory Sabbatini often lead a charge at the end of the Bridgestone Invitational at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio? With golf handicapping, these are the types of questions you have to ask.


What’s the weather going to be like and who does it favor? Is it going to be wet, humid, dry, windy, etc.? Might there be delays that will stall the tournament? Are there players this could help and are there others that might be hindered by a delay?

The Tiger Factor

How is Tiger doing? Is he in the tournament? What’s his recent history and tournament history? Woods tends to be the favorite in just about any tournament in which he’s playing, which always seems to skew the handicapping. In golf, he is also an amazing comeback player who is able to lead a charge in the final round even when he’s six to eight strokes down.

Money Line

Money line wagering is the most common type of bet you’ll find in golf handicapping. A favored golfer like Woods might be listed at plus-245 (which means for every $100 you put on Woods, you make a $245 profit if he wins). A golfer who is a major underdog could be listed at plus-20000 (which means for every $100 you put on that golfer, you make a $20000 profit if they win. By the way, that is a BIG if!)

A Final Word on Golf Handicapping

With golf handicapping, you’ll be able to place wagers on who will win and who will “show.” In golf, the show spots are the first four finishers. Placing a show bet results in a lower payoff but it is a nice way to hedge your bets. It’s a good idea in golf handicapping to pick a player to win and then a few to show. Whatever you do, you must be sure to conduct solid research and perform a thorough analysis prior to placing your wagers.