5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes.eu-indexWhat we like about 5dimes
-> US Players are welcome
-> Best lines in the industry
-> Established sportsbook
-> Rebate on all losses
-> Reduced juice award


Offering liberal bonuses and reduced juice, 5Dimes has become a prominent presence in the online sportsbook industry. It began in 1998 when CEO Tony Williams realized his entrepreneurial dreams and opened up his own online sportsbook operation. Beginning as a player in the wagering industry, his analytical and mathematical skills torpedoed him to sports betting legendry. He firmly believes his success as a bookmaker is because of his experience and expertise as a player.

Professional as well as recreational players will find this sportsbook not only safe, but secure and reputable. Its website interface is crisp and clean with top-notch software. Its unique gaming opportunities mixed with lightning fast payouts give players the chance to take their betting action to the next level. Posting lines early which is a great feature in a sportsbook has contributed to 5Dimes being very popular; nickel juices are even offered on overnight lines. Its vast selection of betting options includes straight bets, parlays, high money lines, alternate lines, parlays, up to 15 point buys, what ifs, futures, half-time, and quarter wagers with $1 micro minimums.

5Dimes.eu-promotionAre teasers up your alley? You are in luck because not only are standard full game teasers offered but first half and second half teasers are too. Additionally, you can have a go at their monster teasers if that is more your speed. For high roller action, you can be sure that you will find some of the highest limits available online at this sportsbook. 5Dimes also offers its players what has become known as the “fairest online casino” on the internet. Casino promotions include commission pai gow Tuesdays, radical roulette Wednesdays, 100x odds craps Thursdays and 2-1 blackjack payouts on Fridays. Its poker room, racebook, lottery and skills games make it a nice rounded sportsbook where even US players are welcomed. … visit 5Dimes

Benefits when you join

15% Cash Back on all your overall loses (must be applied for) … Visit 5Dimes

Deposit Methods

Deposit methods change on a regular basis with 5dimes, but you can always trust that they will accept credit and debit card deposits, money orders, bitcoin, player to player transfers, as well as person to person payment methods.

Withdrawal Methods

Normally by bitcoin, cashier’s check, bank wire transfer, or person to person payment methods.

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