2013 NBA Betting – NBA Preview For Friday, May 3

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Atlanta HawksThe Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks have created a series of abrupt reversals. Who will manage to seize the moment this Friday in Atlanta, with one team’s survival on the line?

NBA Playoffs – Eastern Conference First Round, Game 6:

Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks – Friday, May 3

Sport betting line:

Why Indiana Will Win

When sports betting online, it is prudent to take the superior team in a Game 6 situation such as this one. Game 6 moments are good at separating pretenders from contenders, and Indiana is much more of an Eastern Conference contender than Atlanta. The Pacers pushed the Miami Heat hard in last year’s playoffs, taking a 2-1 series lead and outplaying Miami in the first one and a half quarters of Game 4 before Miami found a way to turn the series around. This team has greatly improved itself over the past few seasons, while Atlanta has treaded water to a greater extent. Indiana’s work ethic, especially at the defensive end of the floor, is a lot more consistent than Atlanta’s. The Pacers are without leading scorer (from the 2011-2012 season) Danny Granger, but they still have plenty of resources to call upon, chiefly Paul George, who is rounding into a next-level NBA player. Yes, Atlanta won the previous two games of this series that were played on its home floor, but the feel of Game 6 is quite different from Games 3 and 4. There’s a different kind of pressure on the Hawks’ shoulders in this contest, and one has to doubt if Atlanta can withstand it. The Pacers have to like their chances here.

Why Atlanta Will Win

A pay per head bookie service that takes business on this contest might lean to the Pacers, but upon further reflection, such an inclination might be based on reputation more than reality. Indiana might have seemed like a clear favorite in this series, but the Pacers, without Danny Granger, just aren’t as complete as a team. Indiana’s offense certainly bogged down in Atlanta in Games 3 and 4 of this series. All the good things the Pacers achieved in Games 1 and 2 were thrown out the window, and Atlanta demonstrated that it could make a stand on its own floor.  

In a review,  you will also see another reason to take Atlanta in this tilt. The Hawks won Game 3 on the strength of their defense, but in Game 4, they won by scoring more than 100 points. It’s a sign of diversity and balance that a team can win when playing different styles. Indiana might have seemed like the obviously superior team in this series when it forged that 2-0 lead, but the tenor of this competition has shifted since the series swung to Georgia for Game 3. Playing at home, the Hawks figure to put their best feet forward on Friday.

Who Will Win?

The sense here is that while Indiana is seen as the series favorite, Atlanta has been calling the shots at home and should be able to get one more win in a friendly environment.

NBA Betting Pick: Atlanta