MLB Betting: O’s Back in Picture as AL Wild Card Threats

hi-res-152934833_crop_650x440The Baltimore Orioles are on the outside looking in at the American League playoff picture, but with 28/1 odds of winning the World Series in the final month of the regular season, their hearts are still very much beating. This weekend, against the less-than-impressive Chicago White Sox, they’ll look to climb back into contention once and for all.

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Currently behind both the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East division, the O’s will likely have to settle on a Wild Card berth if they hope to qualify for their second-consecutive MLB postseason – but a spot in the playoffs is a spot in the playoffs nonetheless.

While they’ve never strayed far from the top of the pack, it looked as though the Wild Card was Tampa Bay’s to lose and that the Orioles would finish third in a two-horse race. Turns out, the Rays have decided to make things interesting.

It took the combination of a Tampa slide and a timely dose of momentum in Baltimore for the Orioles to re-emerge as threats but it happened. Can the O’s capitalize on the opportunity with a series victory against the White Sox?

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